Saturday, March 2, 2024


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Local artists seek to Beautify Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Ted says, “There were several of us talking over tequila one night after the pandemic shut-downs began and we said, ‘There are a lot of artists that are hurting right now. We’re artists and we’re hurting. What can we do, as a group, to help artists survive under these restrictions that are being forced on us?’

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Ajijic continues to Thrill the World

By BLC Staff Rehearsals for this year’s 13th Annual Thrill the World Ajijic event are well underway. Zombie and witch

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Going Back Home to Lake Chapala

By KRISTINA MORGAN – The quote from Thomas Wolfe that “once you leave, you can never go back home,” seems to be

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Surveys reflect Mexico’s appeal for expats

Friendly people, beautiful beaches and tasty cuisine are among the reasons why expatriates are choosing Mexico as a place to

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