Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Video Series Spotlights Insider Views of Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have left the U.S. for Mexico in search of a better quality of life. GRINGOTOPIA, a series of twelve, 10-minute chapters, gives voice to this phenomenon through interwoven interviews, paced like a social conversation, with a diverse group of 25 people.

Living south of Guadalajara, in the Lake Chapala area, a magnet for U.S. and Canada expatriates, they tell insightful, intimate, and humorous stories about life-changing moves across more than just a geographic border. In English with Spanish subtitles.

The 12-part Gringotopia video series was produced by Canadian-born photographer Naida Osline (shown at left).  Based in Southern California, Naida regularly immerses herself in an environment for extended periods of time. From 2012-14 she worked in Colombia, South America, and in 2015-16 spent a total of three months in the Chapala region interviewing expats for her series GRINGOTOPIA. Naida’s work has been presented and reviewed in solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and internationally. More information: http://naidaosline.com

Use the links below to watch Naida’s entire Gringotopia series.

Chapter 1         Coming to Terms

Chapter 2        Importing Lifestyle 

Chapter 3        Lost in Translation 

Chapter 4        Opportunity Knocks

Chapter 5        Biggest Bang for the Buck 

Chapter 6        We’re not in Kansas anymore 

Chapter 7        Justice, Mexican Style 

Chapter 8        Safe Enough 

Chapter 9        Finding Love 

Chapter 10      Feeling Good 

Chapter 11      God’s Waiting Room 

Chapter 12      There & Then, Here & Now