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Color her creative!

Ajijic artist taps into adult coloring phenomenon

Colored005webUsing a collection of pen-and-ink drawings created in a meditative state, Diane Pearl, artist and owner of a successful gallery and gift shop in Ajijic, has ventured into the fascinating and rapidly growing field of adult coloring, which has exploded in popularity worldwide in recent years.

Although Diane’s shop is flourishing, her first love is art itself, and her drawings and paintings reveal a natural affinity for color, texture, movement and composition. To read more about her drawings and the adult coloring phenomenon, visit her new site,

It all started about two years ago when Diane began a twice-daily ritual where she created drawings in pen and ink. Studies show that about 15-20 minutes into a quiet, focused coloring session, brain wave activity slows naturally and we enter an altered a state of consciousness, free of tension, anxiety and stress. This phase is similar to that obtained through deep meditation or yoga … possibly even some medications.

For Diane, the result of her coloring sessions is — so far — over 500 beautiful drawings inspired by nature and her own free-flowing creative inclinations.

Recently, as astonishing benefits associated with coloring for all ages began surfacing, Diane realized that others could also enjoy her drawings by bringing them to life through the addition of color. One way to do this is through an adult coloring book, currently in production, offering 50 of her original drawings on higher-than-normal paper quality. The book will be offered in Diane’s store and on

 The Creatively Mindful Art product line

Diane also wanted all the finished drawings to be suitable for framing and displaying with pride. So she investigated various types of paper stock and coloring media. She began by selecting a group of drawings to reproduce, some in book form — printed on one side using higher quality paper than commonly used — and others to package as sets or complete kits. Her adult coloring book, currently in production, offers 50 of her original drawings and will be offered in Diane’s store and on

Her in-store selections were reproduced on a poster-weight card stock for dry media such as colored pencils, and a 90-lb. Arches brand textured, coldpress paper for wet media such as watercolors. Her choices came with a higher production cost than other coloring books, but the extra quality is clearly discernible in the finished painting.

It is interesting that Diane’s drawings are balanced; they can be viewed with any side up. This leaves that preference up to the colorist’s imagination and inclination in deciding which angle holds the most appeal.

ArtInaBox2 Once Diane’s selected drawings were reproduced, she explored various types of packaging and presentations. She ultimately zeroed in on what she personally preferred: a line of self-contained, masonite boxes that would offer immediate use and enjoyment, along with secure storage.  The boxes, which come in two sizes, feature a hinged lid as a smooth and rigid drawing surface, an extra/removable masonite board for use by a coloring companion, and various options in colored pencils and markers.

 She also offers custom packages for all ages, group workshops, gift packs, packages for fundraising events, discounts for non-profit organizations, and more.

 “My life’s dream is to create art that makes a deep connection with our inner selves and with those around us,” says Diane. “I invite others to join me in experiencing the fulfillment of the creative process, either in private or in workshops.”

 About the Coloring Phenomenon

 pearlscan1webAs of this writing, four of Amazon-dot-com’s top 20 Bestsellers — such as Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, and the Zendoodle® series — are adult coloring books with sales in the millions, and the trend seems to have no end in sight. One publisher says he’s “never seen a phenomenon like it.”

If a warm and fuzzy escape from the demands and deadlines of the here-and-now sounds inviting, you are not alone. Millions around the world are discovering that coloring provides that escape and more. It is not just a commercial fad with tons of hype; there are many studies to support its popularity and benefits.

According to many doctors, psychologists and scientific researchers, coloring appears to help counteract stress, relieve depression and insomnia, and amplify creativity, serenity and perception. This is achieved by accessing both brain hemispheres and slowing brain wave activity. This makes coloring an ideal therapy for those with autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

But the main reason for coloring’s popularity may just be the pure enjoyment it provides. While in this quite, relaxed and focused state, there is free association, an almost child-like enjoyment, and an insightful awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

 So regardless of age, gender or lifestyle, if you want to say goodbye to stress, anxiety and depression  and hello to an easy, fun diversion, coloring may well be for you, and Diane Pearl’s gallery and Creatively Mindful Art web site is a great place to start.

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Visit Diane Pearl’s Creatively Mindful Art site here. Be sure to register, sign up for newsletters, upload and share your colored art, and join in the Forum. To visit her fascinating store and view her extensive and exclusive selection of hand-crafted Mexican art and jewelry, go to