Memory Minders Rejuvenation Exercise class every Wednesday 11AM Maria Isabel Restaurant, join us for lunch 12 noon after class. Different topic on health each shared at lunch each week.
We meet out in front on the east side of the terrace facing the lake, under the tree, if it rains inside

Three pointers about the class

The form has little importance, it's the pure essence of life we want to feel and be conscious of.

The mind is like a wild horse we do not want to break its spirit, but we would like it to harness its potential, and live a long life. It's about letting go and feeling the pure essence of life, fill every cell of our body and sharing it with others and creating that group atmosphere we all can enjoy.

Some exercises include

Cultivation of life energy exercises
Stretching exercises
Whole brain exercises
Circle of light
Learning how to walk. Whole brain walking.
Some beginner's exercises are similar to chi Kung and tai chi

The exercises are easy to do and you cannot do wrong.
No judgment, feeling the essence is more important than form,

Class is free, join us for lunch afterward.

All caregivers welcome, if you are not a caregiver, you may attend. Please help and assist any
Memory loss person, sit next to them at lunch and have a conversation. Watch that they do not get lost when using the bathroom.

Some topics talked about at lunch have been:

Anatomy of breathing,
Better posture when walking and selection of walking shoes
Chewing food for better memory
The importance of smell. How important smell stimulates the memory.
Positive thinking and how to energize your affirmations, how happy people have better memories.
Probiotics and Memory and foods to eat
Healing Nature Deficit Disorder
Everyone welcome please join us?
Volunteers needed for Memory Minders Ajijic Program


12:00 am

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