8:00am Registration completion and dog measuring
8:30 am Briefing
9:00 am Runs start -- and we will run right thru with no breaks.

Cost per run, per dog: $120 pesos

Prize presentations when everything completed.

Grand Prizes are the total points earned over the 2 days and 4 runs.

Chapala, MX
Cell 333-843-5903

Advance registration required by September 7th. Contact: gart1015@prodigy.net.mx for registration forms.

Three options:
Advanced - Open Individual
Novice - Grade 1 Individual
Courses: Agility (Standard) and Jumping

Tunnel Cup - Advance and Novice as well

Puppy Tunnel Cup: for puppies between 8-17 months - no charge to run.

Dogs run in three size categories, Small, Medium and Large


8:00 am

331-349-2801 or email: jean@clickerpets.com.mx

Upcoming Dates

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