the official �Dia del Charro� (Day of the Horsemen), the date is not a public holiday, There will be a special �Cowboy Mass� at noon at the San Andres Church followed by a parade of the traditionally costumed, honored, and proud horsemen who played such a vital role in the struggles of the people of Mexico. 

The parade will go from the church to 6 Corners and returns via Calle Constitucion to the Lienzo Charro (Rodeo Ring) on the east side of town where there will be a Charreada or rodeo featuring roping events along with the Escaramuzas Charras - pre-teen girls who expertly perform spectacular precision riding � sidesaddle - while dressed in beautiful traditional costumes.
Performances at the Charreada 4pm on Revolucion.


1:00 pm

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