Ajijic Thrills the World (video)

Photos courtesy of ttwajijic.blogspot.mx

The Thrill the World event, originally organized by local resident Elliott Joachim, is held every year in the Ajijic Plaza. 

Thrill the World is more than just dancing to a 6-minute song. It is thousands of people around the globe — including many in Ajijic — gathering every year at a coordinated day and time  in hopes of breaking the world record for the Largest Simultaneous Dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”! Proceeds for the annual event go to the local Red Cross.

The broader goal is to unity throughout the world, humanitarianism and environmental stewardship.

thriller zombiecrowdThe event was founded in 2006 in Toronto, and has now spread to six continents. Every October thousands of people/zombies around the world come together to honor the genius of Michael Jackson and raise funds for charity–oh… and to have fun, too! The annual event in Ajijic began in 2012.

Should you want to take part in a future event, all the information you need to participate or “sponsor a zombie” can be found at ttwajijic.blogspot.mx/. Rehearsal schedule, video lessons, costume and makeup ideas, and much more can all be accessed on the site. Learn more at thrilltheworld.com, Ajijic is I.D. 5051. All ages are welcome.

The video below, by Oscar Hugo Perez, is one of many that can be found on YouTube and Facebook

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EDITOR’S NOTE: We regret to report that since the posting of this article, Elliott Joachim, the inspiration behind “Thrill the World Ajijic” fundraiser for the Chapala Red Cross, died at her home in San Antonio Tlay. on Feb. 2, 2016, following a long illness.  Elliott will long be remembered for her generous spirit and her infectious zest for life.